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Orlando Sexual Medicine



Men's Sexual Health Experts

At Orlando Sexual Medicine (OSM), we understand the importance of a fulfilling sexual life in maintaining not just physical health, but mental wellbeing and personal relationships. We're here to help you regain your strength, your confidence, and your vitality.

Led by Dr. George Carroll, a renowned expert with more than 30 years of dedicated experience in men's health, we provide personalized, innovative treatments for erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues. Our ultimate aim is to restore your quality of life.

Medicare & Insurance Accepted!

Men's Health Services We Offer

ED Treatment

Non-Surgical Penile Enhancements

Peyronie's Disease Therapy

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Psychology Session

Don't Ignore, Don't Delay!

The journey towards optimum sexual health starts with one crucial step - taking action. Remember, erectile dysfunction is not a problem that improves over time. Quite the opposite, the majority of ED issues often become more challenging with time if left unaddressed.

Each passing day could be a missed opportunity for treatment, progress, and regaining control of your life. This is why we strongly urge you not to delay. Reach out to us, start the conversation, and let's work together to turn your life around.

Experience Orlando Sexual Medicine (OSM)

At OSM, we bring a unique blend of professionalism, empathy, and cutting-edge solutions to tackle men's health issues. We're located in the heart of Central Florida, making top-notch men's sexual health care accessible to you.

With Dr. Carroll's deep understanding of male sexual health issues, coupled with our state-of-the-art facilities, you can trust us to offer nothing less than expert and compassionate care.

Meet Dr. George Carroll

Men's Sexual Health Specialist

Dr. Carroll has successfully treated thousands of men of all ages. Many who had sought help elsewhere and were unhappy with their results or dissatisfied with their prognosis. These are the patients who receive the most benefit from his knowledge and experience. Join OSM's thousands of satisfied patients and take back your intimacy today!


  • Associate Member of the American Urological Association

  • Member, Sexual Medicine Society of North America

  • Member, International Society for Sexual Medicine

  • Practice Limited to Treating Sexual Dysfunction since 1992

Our Men's Health Services


Oral medications, Injectable medications, and Bot-A injections

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Individualized hormone therapy & Oral medication delays stimulation response


Sound Wave therapy 12 session protocol decreases curvature in 66% of patients

Medical Consultation

Blocks the retraction reflex and relaxes the length of the flaccid penis

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