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With 30 years of experience, we are Central Florida's most established and respected sexual medicine practice, offering the latest treatment options available for ED, Early Ejaculation, Peyronies's Disease, Lack of Desire, and nonsurgical Penile Enhancement.

Many of which are covered by Medicare and Insurance.

We don't promise instant or guaranteed results… no prudent doctor does. Sustainable results are our goal for each patient, by offering individualized protocols, ongoing support, teaching, and monitoring until you have the results you desire.

Our Services


Oral medications, Injectable medications, and Bot-A injections

Doctor Checking a Form

Individualized hormone therapy & Oral medication delays stimulation response


Sound Wave therapy 12 session protocol decreases curvature in 66% of patients

Medical Consultation

Blocks the retraction reflex and relaxes the length of the flaccid penis

Compare OSM Medical Practice to Other Clinics

Orlando Sexual Medicine

  • ​All Medication Options Available 

  • No Medication Purchase Required 

  • Single medications, always available in individually prescribed dosages 

  • Reimbursed by Medicare

  • Reimbursed by most insurances                    

  • Seen by Physician with 30+ years of experience

  • 100% of our patients are evaluated and treated for sexual dysfunction. All receive a thorough sexual intake history, followed by a discussion of treatment options.

  • Treated over 10,000 patients for Sexual Dysfunction.

  • Specializes in the latest medications, adjusting dosage for individual needs and preexisting medical conditions.

  • Follows all the American Urological Association protocols, excluding surgery, with over a 95% success rate. Less than 1% of all men with impotence said they would choose surgery as their initial treatment option.

  • Our practice specializes exclusively in treating all forms of sexual dysfunction, including impotence, early ejaculation, lack of desire and ​Peyronie's Disease. 

Other Men's Clinics

  • Penile Injections Only to treat ED, even in cases where oral medications would work

  • Medication sold only by the bottle, often costing ​over $1000 per bottle

  • Cash Only– No Medicare Accepted or Reimbursed

  • No Insurance Accepted or Reimbursed   

  • Often see a Sales Counselor with no formal ​medical training

  • Free visits, sales gimmicks and discounted offers  

  • Only 10% of an average Urologist's practice ​is there to be treated for sexual dysfunction.

  • Only 13% of all Urologists routinely diagnosis or treat men for impotence.

  • 43% of Urologists see less than 10 impotent men per month.   

  • 50% of Urologists perform implant surgery to treat impotence.

  • Urologists specialize in treating a variety of diseases; such as kidney disease, bladder disease, incontinence, prostate problems as well as sexual dysfunction.

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