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98% of our patients successfully regain full erectile function. Our patients tell you why…

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“I had experienced erectile dysfunction for many years and had long given up hope of any change, short of an implant, which I opted not to have. From my first visit to Dr. Carroll, I was very impressed with the professionalism and the caring attitude. Having been a health care provider for 36 years, I was acutely aware of this.
After years of frustration, my wife and I are once again enjoying a wonderful, intimate relationship.”

Dr. R.G., physician, age 61

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“Before seeing Dr. Carroll, my marriage and sex life were in bad shape. I was unable to sustain an erection after penetration, thereby losing all interest in sex. My wife urged me to seek help. I now feel like I did when I was in my 20s – the medication definitely works, and we are both very happy.”

W.J.B, engineer, age 58

"I was diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. I decided on radical surgery, which my urologist advised was the surest route to success. He also warned me of the very likely possibility of impotence. He was correct on both counts.
I had always been sexually active prior to my surgery and grew extremely despondent over my present condition. It was not until a fellow golfer told me he had a similar experience and had seen Dr. Carroll. As a result of his professional and painless treatment, I now have a fulfilling relationship again with my partner of 45 years."​

R.M., retired, age 68

"At age 52, I received quadruple by-pass surgery. The ensuing stress and medication caused me to suffer from ED. Since I was not a candidate for Viagra, I decided to seek help from Dr. Carroll. Were it not for him and his staff, my life would suffer a great void." 

R.E. executive, age 61

"I knew that as a diabetic, one of the complications that could arise for me was ED. It happened gradually. My erections became less rigid, and I was making excuses to avoid sex too often. My wife insisted I do something about it and made an appointment for us to go together. The staff was very professional, informative and made me feel confident that I could regain this part of my life despite the diabetes. It's the best thing that I've ever done for myself; the pressure is off, and I'm enjoying sex again." 

T.M., construction worker, age 37


Is Medicare &  insurance accepted and what does it cover?

Orlando Sexual Medicine accepts many insurance providers and plans, including Medicare.

Office visits, including telemedicine visits, in-office procedures, lab and diagnostic testing are covered by most insurances and Medicare. 

Schedule an appointment with OSM today to see the level of coverage you can expect when you visit us.

(407) 894-9959

Serving Patients Since 1992

At OSM, we have successfully treated over ten thousand men of all ages. Many who had sought help elsewhere and were unhappy with their results or dissatisfied with their prognosis. These are the patients who receive the most benefit from

Dr. Carroll's knowledge and experience.

We are your trusted partners in men's sexual health. Our practice is dedicated to providing quality care by offering the highest level of service, which is why we have a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

You've waited long enough, join the thousands of satisfied patients and take back your intimacy today!

What is your new patient procedure?

After you schedule an appointment, you will be sent a link to fill out a detailed medical history online.

Dr. Carroll will review your personal history regarding your specific complaint and discuss treatment options with you. Once you are satisfied, a detailed course of action to resolve your issue will be based on your individual needs.

This new patient visit is a telemedicine visit done in the privacy of your home.


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